The Premodern Colloquium

The Premodern Colloquium is a reading group that has been meeting for thirty years in the home of Tom Green (Law School, History) by whom it was founded as a forum for discussion of new work in the history of law. In recent years, it has evolved into a wide-ranging multidisciplinary group. Typically discussions focus on works-in-progress by local and visiting scholars or dissertation chapters presented by our own students. Discussions tend to be intense and lively, but people who present work also find the experience to be friendly and helpful. The PMC especially welcome graduate students to its regular meetings, both as discussants and as presenters of dissertation work in progress.

For more information, please visit the PMC page on the MEMS website:

Fall 2013 Schedule:

9/22  Richard Firth Green  English, Ohio State University

Title: “Elf Queens and Holy Friars”

10/20  Silvia Tita  Postdoctoral Fellow in Art History, Kalamazoo College

Title:   “Political Art of the Papacy: Visual Representations of the Donation of Constantine in the Early Modern Period”

11/24 Jeremy Ledger  History, University of Michigan

 Title: “Contested Geographies: Constructing the Mediterranean on an Arabic Nautical Chart, ca. 1350″

12/15 Helmut Puff   History and German, University of Michigan 

Title: “Mediated Immediacy in Thomas Müntzer’s Theology: A Contribution to the Media History of the German Reformation”